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Were you at NTEN.org’s Nonprofit Technology Conference last week? We were and we had a blast! Even if you weren’t in physical attendance, there was plenty happening online. From tweets to live streaming, you could participate no matter your actual location. Below are some anecdotes of both the physical and digital impressions of the conference that I witnessed in DC and digitally with the help of Radian6.

During the Plenary on Thursday, the first day of #14NTC, the DoGooder awards were presented and one of the videos presented was this pop-up video style music video from the Canadian Cancer Society about the #Nutiquette or the dude’s guide to checking his nuts. It is pretty entertaining, informational, and safe for work:

Admit it – you laughed :p We all did!

The morning and afternoon sessions were packed, leading to over 8,400 tweets about the conference and individual sessions. Here are the top 3 people who tweeted on Thursday:

Friday was even more active online with more than 9,700 total tweets. As we mentioned in our daily recap, most of these sessions were packed with people sitting on the floors wherever there was room and a crowd gathered at every doorway and overflowing into the hallways.

After attending the #14NTCgeny session on Friday afternoon, and seeing it was a popular topic during my snapshot research, I decided to take a peek at the age groups tweeting during NTC. Since it was the Generation Y session that made me look at these demographics, I broke the age ranges into those (approximate) generations:

Age Group of Tweeters during #14NTC
Generation Y – ages 18-34 – 1365 people tweeted
Generation X – ages 35-54 – 3231 people tweeted
Baby Boomers – ages 55+ – 404 people tweeted

#14NTC demographics from Twitter

While tweets slowed down a bit on Saturday for the third and final day of NTC, there were still over 5,000 tweets! Attendees enjoyed the sessions and also the afternoon #14NTCGeekGames. Here’s the top tweeted words of the last day:

#14NTC top tweeted words on Saturday

These are just a few of the fun and interesting stats we discovered while putting together our social snapshot. To find out how many total tweets there were over the three day conference and which sessions were the most popular, simply answer the questions below (no email necessary) and our snapshot is yours to download!

Download the #14NTC Snapshot Now

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  1. Monika, did you use any particular software to analyze the tweets? I’d love to do this for an upcoming conference.

  2. Thanks for sharing this unique 14NTC recap, Monika! I love seeing these social stats and knowing that folks were so engaged online, especially as it made it possible for those in the community who were not able to be there in person could still share in the fun.

    • Thanks Eileigh! It was fun to contribute socially while attending and I always enjoy analyzing the tweets from these events and conferences.

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