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I’m not the only one getting excited about NTEN.org’s upcoming #14NTC Nonprofit Technology Conference and tweeting about it! In fact there have been over 1,800 tweets in the last 90 days about #14NTC.

#14NTC Tweets So Far from Topsy

I love social media and analytics and in preparation of #14NTC I went through all of the speakers and put together a list of their Twitter handles, as well as the companies they were representing at #14NTC. Out of the 229 speakers (29 of whom are speaking more than once) there are 156 on Twitter. Color me impressed! That leaves only 73 of the speakers who aren’t on Twitter (or easy to find on Twitter).

To help you follow all of the speakers, and see what they tweet about, I put together this handy Twitter list of all 156 speakers:

I was also curious about the companies that these speakers work for and with – how many do you think are on Twitter?

Out of the approximately 180 companies represented by speakers, there are 155 on Twitter but 16 of the companies use the same handle for personal and business (mainly consultants). Both @FoodandWater and @DonorDigital tied with the most number of speakers from their organization as they each have 4 employees speaking at #14NTC.

Follow all 139 of the companies here on this Twitter list:

Now that I’ve done a little bit of research before the event, I can’t wait to put together the social snapshot of the entire #14NTC event. Not only will I be tracking the #14NTC hashtag using Radian6, but I also will be monitoring all 104 session hashtags to see which are most popular with attendees on Twitter. Sign up now to get the snapshot delivered directly to your inbox after NTC. We will also be doing mini daily re-caps during the weekend, so be sure to follow @TheConnectCause for all of our stats!

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  1. Susan Kenna Wright

    This is great. Thank you for sending this cool analysis.

  2. This. Is. Amazing. Can’t wait to see all of the humans behind these Twitter handles at the NTC!

  3. Thanks Monika – this is a great event, and I can’t wait to see some of the stats that you pull out of it!

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