#14NTC Day 3 – Social Snapshot

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Yesterday, NTEN.org’s Nonprofit Technology Conference slowly came to an end. What a whirlwind 3 days! Since the conference started on Thursday, there have been over 17,425 #14NTC tweets!! This is the biggest conference on record with over 2,000 attendees, so that’s a lot of tweets per attendee!

The top twitter handles mentioned yesterday were:

Top #14ntc Twitter handles mentioned on Saturday
While @NTENorg had the most with 340, right behind was @Daveiam with 121, @amyrsward with 111, @kanter with 90, @ch3ryl with 85 and @stayclassysd with 83 mentions.

Tweets peaked during the morning sessions and again at lunch, but looks like most people were having too much fun during the geek games and watching the Pirate band to tweet too much during the night! Overall there were 5,390 tweets yesterday:

#14ntc tweets per hour on Saturday, day 3

The top hashtags mentioned throughout the day show that people were tweeting a lot about the sessions and enjoyed talking about #creativecommons, #millennials and the location for #15NTC – Austin, Texas!

Day 3 #14ntc top hashtags

Another hashtag that I was surprised to see in that word cloud was #makejasoncry, which was what @JasonShim‘s friends were tweeting as he accepted his @NTENorg award:


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  1. So the question is: did Jason cry? 😉

  2. Bethany Lister

    Very cool. Thank you for using your nerdery to put this together. I’m looking forward to the final snapshot.

    I love that I helped make #civicrm one of the tops!

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