#14NTC Day 2 – Social Snapshot

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Phew! This was an exhausting day 2 of #14NTC – and we mean that in the best way possible! So many great sessions, that were packed!




Just goes to show that NTEN has put together some great panels full of amazing speakers with tons of knowledge to share.

Speaking of sharing, the session hashtags saw 9,612 tweets yesterday! Here’s the breakdown of the top session hashtags:

#SocialCRM – 253
#nptech – 235
#14NTCdisrupt – 213
#14ntcstory – 188
#14ntcdata – 180

Top hashtags during #14ntc day 2

I was surprised that so many of you were awake and tweeting at the 10:30 sessions this morning after the #NPOengagment party and lobby party went late, but the peak tweets were during the morning sessions with over 2,100 tweets sent between 10 and 12 am ET.

Tweets by hour on day 2 #14ntc

Looking forward to seeing what the last day has in store for #14NTC!

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