#14NTC Day 1 – Social Snapshot

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What a first day! I know many of you were here yesterday attending the early sessions on drupal etc, but for many of us, this Thursday was our first day here in Washington DC for the National Technology Conference.

For a newbie, such as myself, I really enjoyed seeing the camaraderie and friendship between corporations, organizations and providers. Everyone knows each other!!

While I haven’t personally spent a lot of time in the science fair, I have enjoyed tweeting with everyone during the sessions. There have been a lot of great things to share! Some of the sessions have been so packed that people are crowding the doorways just to hear what the speakers are sharing, so I’m happy so many people are sharing what they are learning. Attendees have tweeted so much that #14NTC was trending yesterday:

While many attendees tweeted the correct #14NTC hashtag, it appears that a few people didn’t get the memo:

Using Radian6 I compared the two hashtags and despite #NTC14 trending it was only used 291 times yesterday compared to the 6,770 times #14NTC trended.

Day 1 #14NTC tweets by time

You can see that people really enjoyed the plenary and especially the #14NTCIgnite presentations. What a great way to start the morning!

Day 1 #14NTC tweets word cloud for morning plenary

When you factor in ALL NTC hashtags from the sessions, there were 8,480 tweets yesterday! I think day 2 might have a chance to beat it, but only time will tell. Time for me to get back out there and tweet some more!

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