#1 Secret Ingredient for Peer-to-Peer Success

peer to peer success

There’s a secret ingredient that’s important for cooking up a successful peer-to-peer campaign. Can you guess what (or who) it is? Here’s a hint: they are passionate about your cause, some of your biggest advocates, and often have a strong connection with your mission. That’s right, your team captains are the special sauce.

When you’re creating a communication strategy for your peer-to-peer campaign, it’s important to make team captains a big part of the recipe. Here are 5 easy ways to stir team captains into the mix:

Welcome Them Profusely

Most EMC tools can be set up to send an alert to you as soon as a new team registers. As soon as your team captain and team is registered, send a personal email or make a phone call welcoming them to your event (best done within a few days of their registration). This is a perfect opportunity to make a connection with new team captains and reconnect with those who are returning. Extra bonus points for sending them a special post-event survey to gather feedback for your next P2P event!

Help Them Share Their Story

Your team captains are usually personally connected to your mission and often have compelling stories to share. Create simple instructions for captains to update their team and personal fundraising pages with their own personal story. Keep tabs on team page content and when you find team pages with a great story and photo, consider sharing them in an email or on social media and encourage other team captains to update their pages, too.

Showcase Successful Captains

Do you have a team captain who has reached a major fundraising milestone? Give them a shout out in an upcoming email, social media post or blog article. If you don’t have a blog and want to write a more “featurey” article – think about creating a web page on your main website and link to it in an email or Facebook post. You’ll most likely find that these spotlights are some of your most popular email, social media or website content.

Your Mom Was Right: Say Thank You

The words “thank you” are powerful. In addition to the standard thank you in your email closings, consider adding a section to your emails or a weekly Facebook post thanking teams that have reached their team goal or another fundraising milestone. Everyone loves to see their hard work recognized in a genuine way.

Do you have a team captain cultivation tip? Share it in the comments!
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Cheryl uses her crafty skills to develop both websites and homemade gifts for friends. A Junior Web Developer at Firefly Partners, she has over a decade of experience in website development and online marketing. Prior to joining Firefly, Cheryl was the online manager for the American Diabetes Association’s Southfield, Michigan office where she managed the fundraising strategy for statewide TeamRaiser events.

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  1. Susan Kenna Wright

    I love the way peer to peer allows constituents to be more engaged and feel more like a part of the organization. Great strategy.

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